​​PARENT & ME: (Ages 18 months - 24 months) - Help your child discover movement and expression while networking with other parents through a structure that blends dance, music, and imagination together in one 35 minute class. Music, movement, balance and the basic dance steps are introduced in a fun, friendly and positive manner. This type of class includes mom, dad or another loved one participating in the class along with the little dancer. Our teachers will keep the music and curriculum moving along while parents take an active role in encouraging, supporting and keeping their little dancer on track. We are ready to dance when they are!

INTRO TO DANCE (Ages 2-3) - Every dancer’s dream, to be on the stage and in the spotlight, must begin somewhere. We just love giving them their start! This 35 minute class is offered up to five times per week, and consists of ballet, jazz, tap, and tumbling technique. We introduce them to the basics of dance movement and vocabulary, while they learn the importance of following instructions, learning to take turns, and being a productive member of a group class. At this age, fun is key! We want your young dancer to develop a love for dance that will stay with them for years to come. All classes will finish with a sticker!

COMBO CLASSES (Ages 3.5-Pre-K) - Our Combo Class is the perfect class for both new dancers, and dancers who have already graduated from our Creative Dance Program. Combo Classes are 45 minutes long offered up to four times per week, and consist of Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Tumbling technique.

TINY TUMBLING (Ages 3.5-Pre-K) - Tiny Tumbling is a fun and energetic class incorporating basic tumbling skills, as well as taking directions, and developing musicality and coordination. The goals for this class are to release energy and creativity, and to gain flexibility and strength all while having a fun learning experience. This class incorporates fun age appropriate music, and props. 

JAZZ (5+) - Jazz is a fun, high-energy dance form that develops technique, rhythm and style while building strength, flexibility and body awareness. It focuses on clean lines, turns, jumps and tricks.

TAP (5+) - Tap is an audible art form in which dancers create sounds with their feet. This class covers rhythm, coordination, timing and proper tap technique. Student's will learn about musical timing and to how to unite their feet, arms, and body to the beat the music.

BALLET (5+) - Ballet training is essential to the fundamentals of all dance forms. This class will emphasize proper body placement, alignment, grace, poise and fluidity of movement.  This class includes Ballet Barre and Center work. Additionally, dancers will learn the French terminology that forms the basic universal language of dance. 

HIP-HOP (5+) - A high-energy class incorporating Hip Hop choreography, and foundational techniques such as popping, locking, and break dancing.  Dancers will learn movement influenced by some of today’s hottest music video choreography to popular rap, R&B and pop music. Dancer’s will be encouraged to develop their own personal style through freestyle movement and picking up choreography. These classes will help build confidence and performance quality in the students along with giving them the opportunity to develop their own personal style. 

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY (8+) Expressive dance forms combining ballet technique with jazz and modern style. These classes are for dancers who like physical, complicated choreography, and self-expression. Dancers will utilize their technique while learning choreography and developing their own personal style which will enhance their overall performance. Elements of improvisation are also introduced.  Lyrical and Contemporary require a pre-requisite of ballet and/or jazz technique.  

ACRO/TUMBLING (Ages 6 and up) -  Acro classes are for the innate tumbler in every child.  These classes develop flexibility, control, strength, and motor skills. Class skills include but are not limited to : Forwards Rolls, Backward Rolls, Bridges, Walkovers, Handstands, Elbow Stands, Chin Stands, Cartwheels, Round Offs, Ariels & More.